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The Best Formats and Styles for Engagement Photography

Oct 29


Photography for engagement is a process that can be tricky to navigate. It's important for couples to figure out what kind of style they prefer, so as not only do their photographs reflect them but also to create more interesting poses and angles when shooting because each style is unique when it comes to capturing certain feelings or moments between family members/friends individuals while maintaining an excellent relationship

This can last for a long time and even though marriage!

What is the reason that the best pictures are not always ones that are posed instead, they are the moments where couples can be seen laughing or exchanging sweet messages? The best engagement photographers want all of these things and more. If you're interested in candid imagery, they will also be looking for other photographs.

Here are some of the most popular types and formats of engagement photography by Puretouch Photography in Las Vegas:


Pure Photojournalistic Engagement Photography

An engagement photojournalistic shoot is a non-assisted, easy process that requires the photographer to go out with one or more others. This kind of format is perfect for couples who have the same theme and who can act naturally without paying to the events around them. The process begins by finding an area where both parties are looking to have photos taken. generally, this means searching around until you can find just the right spot! The next step is helping to create your setting using the natural backdrop and keeping distance between subjects so there are no distractions taking those precious moments together. These tips will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles is an example of a perfect location. It's the spot where they first met, and it's also a great place to capture their love on film!

The couple is seen playing near the pier or strolling with their feet in a towel as the waves break up onto beach sand.


Photos of assisted engagements


The assisted engagement photography style is more old-fashioned and nostalgic style since the photographer will help you in your scene selections. This style is great for couples who do not know what they want or where to shoot. it also ensures both couples are comfortable being photographed by someone else and still able to maintain genuine communication between them during photoshoots!

For this type of session, the photographers are given suggestions from their clients about different locations prior to deciding on the exact location for each event time and date - all within their comfort zone to ensure that everything flows best together without distractions that are outside those tight constraints that nature's beauty imposes.


Combination of Photojournalistic and Assisted Photography


Combination engagement photography can be a gorgeous method of capturing your love story. This style of romantic documentation like the name suggests it blends fine and traditional art with photojournalism to make it more interesting for the couple. They can have something that appeals to every genre.

One example would be when an outdoor shoot in the vicinity of Laguna Beach in Orange County would be arranged where the photo session starts by getting posed for some classic pictures before moving them back out onto scenic hills with breathtaking views such as this all day while capturing the most memorable moments.


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