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Nootropics - Improve Mental Performance and Quality of Life

Sep 11

Nootropics are substances which can be taken to result in memory improvement, increased learning, better focus, improved mood, decreased stress, and increased energy.

The term Nootropics is derived from two root words, "noos" for "mind" and "trope" for "change." Nootropics are a type of dietary supplement that aims to improve cognitive functions such as memory, creativity, focus, motivation, and attention.

They can also be used for emotional wellness and to reduce stress and anxiety. They are collectively known as cognitive enhancers and memory enhancers.

The term nootropic was first coined in 1972 after observing that the drug Piracetam improved neurological function and cognitive function. These cognitive enhancers are not FDA approved for clinical use and are not legal to use in the U.S.

Nootropics have few to no side effects, and many benefits. This could make them the next step in improving mental performance in the professional world.

What Are the Benefits of the Nootropics

What Are the Benefits of the Nootropics and How Can They Improve Your Memory, Focus and Concentration? What Are the Effects of Nootropics and How Can They Improve Your Health?

Many supplements that are on the market are used to improve mental abilities, but it gets confusing when they all claim to improve a person’s intelligence.

Nootropics taken alone have a host of benefits, however the results are dramatically improved when we combine two or more nootropics. One of the most popular examples is the combo caffeine and L Theanine. There are blends that combine nootropics with other benefic elements such as adaptogens, antioxidants, electrolytes and bioavailability boosters. One such example is the “Early Bird Morning Cocktail”, a relatively new product on the market.

Are you thinking about taking a supplement to improve your mental acuity or will you just use it as a substitute for regular brain food? Here are some of the most important benefits of nootropics, and hoe they improve your mental performance and health.

Raises Cognition Levels 

One study found that 90% of participants taking Piracetam experienced increased cognitive function. Another study conducted in February 2015 found that Piracetam increased intelligence, memory, verbal fluency, and executive function in healthy adults.


To get the most from your supplements, it is important to first consider why you are taking them. To get the most out of the pills, you need to decide if you are using them for cognitive enhancement, memory improvements, stress relief, or both. Certain supplements can be effective for overall enhancement, while others work better for specific purposes.

Increases productivity

Nootropics may help increase productivity. After you begin taking nootropics, you may notice you have an enhanced ability to focus, have greater output, fewer lost deadlines, daydreaming at work, and are more productive. It is simply a way to help nootropics users accomplish tasks more efficiently.

A Boost to the Mind 

Nootropics can increase blood flow to the brain which can give you more energy and reduce stress and anxiety. This can help a person perform better in stressful situations and may make the person a better athlete, student, or entrepreneur.

Nootropics can also improve your mental function by increasing your memory. These nootropics can also improve your reading speed, writing speed, and ability to think faster.

Improves Focus

Nootropics are a long-lasting, effective way to focus that will keep you focused for hours or even days. Plenty of research studies have shown that Nootropics are effective in increasing memory, intelligence, concentration, and improving memory.

Nootropics are a great general-purpose brain nutrition with a remarkable safety record and low toxicity. Popular nootropics such as L Tyrosine, Caffeine, Phenibut and Choline Bitartrate have been the subject of research and nootropics supplement users reported improved moods and mental clarity, along with improved concentration and better memory.

Help you Socialize and Have Great Conversations 

Nootropics will have you feel more confident, energetic, and more alive. There will be a sense of socialization where your conversations deepen and are more meaningful.

Energy Boost

Some studies suggest that nootropics can also make you feel more energetic and give you an energy boost. You are more likely to exercise as a result.

Synthetic vs Natural Nootropics

Some people opt for natural supplements, while others prefer prescription medications. Some will choose to use a combination of the above.

The nootropic supplements are considered safe because they rarely cause adverse reactions. They do not alter the taste or smell of food and beverages and are only able to affect drinks that contain caffeine.

There are so many products that promise incredible results in an industry saturated with them, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. If you are still researching, and you are learning about nootropics, go the safe way and start with milder nootropics.

For those who want to stick to the Natural way, and use only nootropics that can be found in Nature, there are plenty of options.

The most well-known natural nootropic supplements are Bacopa Monnieri extract, Ginkgo Biloba, L-Theanine , Alpha GPC, Creatine, Huperzine A, and Rhodiola Rosea, but this list is not exhaustive.