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The Event Host's Guide to Photo Booth Services

Feb 19

The Event Host's Guide to Photo Booth Services

Photo booths are must-have additions for modern celebrations and events. But with so many photo booth rental companies to choose from, where do you start? Use this guide to a photo booth service navigate the process of selecting the best photo booth service.

Types of Photo Booths

First, decide whether you want an open-air or enclosed booth style. Open booths are backed into a corner to mimic a booth feel. Enclosed booths stand freely and guests step into the kiosk. Consider space constraints and guest capacity for the ideal setup.

Determine Features

Factor in what capabilities you want in a photo booth. Do you just need basic printing? Or do you also want social media sharing, animated GIFs, green screen effects, slow motion video and more? Additional features boost the fun factor!

Evaluate Photo Quality

Image resolution matters, so ask companies about the camera and printer output quality they provide. Many use DSLR cameras such as Cannon for crisp professional photos. Only choose a service offering dye-sublimation photo printers for vibrant, long-lasting prints.

Consider Customisation

Personalise the photobooth to match your event by customizing the logo, backdrop, props and print templates. Most companies offer tailoring options at no extra cost. Provide your color scheme, graphics and text to incorporate.

Review Packages

Normal photo booth rental packages often span 3 to 5 hours of event coverage. Estimate your guest count and how long you want the booth running to select a package that works. Bigger events may warrant having booths available in multiple areas.

Check Provider References

Vet a few potential photo booth companies by checking reviews and calling past clients about their service experience. Reliability and quality execution are key when choosing an event service provider. You can check a providers reviews on various review sites and check their case studies.

Compare Pricing

Pricing varies across companies depending on the capabilities and customization offered. Expect to budget £350 and £600 for photo booth rentals. Remember that highest price doesn't always mean best value - find that sweet spot between quality and affordable rates.

By keeping these guidelines in mind while you search, you'll be equipped to land exceptional photo booth services for your next event! Bring on the smiles and memories.