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Custom Fridge Magnets Singapore

Aug 28

Print Fridge Magnets - Paragons for Excellent Marketing

There are three key factors that influence the success of promotional marketing campaigns. These are brand visibility, utility and value for money. Although there are many promotional products, they are not as reliable and effective as custom fridge magnets.

Are you still unsure? These fridge magnets can help you increase brand awareness.


Marketing that lasts a long time

Most promo items are short-lived. Some promo items can only be used once while others last for several weeks or months. Custom fridge magnets are extremely affordable and can be used for many years.

Even more amazing is the fact that you can get hundreds upon hundreds of views with one magnet. This means that hundreds of people will be made aware of your company. These magnets are not just for household members. These fridge magnets can be seen by more people at events such as parties, get-togethers, or meetings.


Valuable additions

custom magnets can be used in many different ways by your target audience. Many people attach them to their fridge to add reminders, photos, and artwork from children. Magnets are no longer just decorative items. They are useful additions to any family.

You can brand magnets with your company logo, name, or any other unique design, since everyone uses them. This will make your recipients aware of your company every time they use the fridge. Your brand will soon become a household name that is loved by everyone in the household.

These items can be further enhanced by having important information. This can include helpful kitchen tips, emergency numbers, or birthday reminders. No matter the design, your magnets will be useful to your audience.

Unlimited Customization

There are many types of magnets available. You can find the right product for your marketing needs with traditional magnets such as Aquaholic's Acrylic Fridge Magnets or more unusual ones like Custom Fridge Magnets.

These branded magnets can be branded with your logo, as mentioned previously. There are no restrictions on what you can print on magnets, unlike promotional items. You have the option to go wild with bright colours and humorous artwork, or you can keep it simple with classic branding.


Marketing made accessible

Let's face it, not all businesses can afford to spend thousands on large-scale marketing campaigns. Many small and medium-sized companies can't afford to invest in a winning strategy. Custom fridge magnets can be very cost-effective and affordable. You can also save more money by purchasing bulk quantities, which is great for people with limited budgets.


Distribution is easy

Because of their lightweight, custom magnets can be easily carried around and given away. They can be handed out at events, or you can mail them to potential clients. They can be kept in your shop and given to customers as point-of sale displays.

Get custom magnets to boost your business

Cheap promotional items such as custom fridge magnets can increase your reach and help you attract new customers. These products can be customized in any way you like and are very useful for promoting any business. Use custom fridge magnets to promote your business!