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5 Steps to Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Jan 10

According to Steadfast, water damage is the cause of 34 percent of all property claims made by homeowners. expenses. This is also the most costly kind of claim. One of the primary causes of water damage was the obstruction of gutters.

Even though the average claim for water damage has almost doubled in the past two years, just 19% believe that water damage is the greatest threat to their home. As a homeowner, you can prepare your roof for winter, and prevent major water damage from affecting your home.

These five steps will assist you in winterproofing your roof prior to when the rains arrive.

Clean Your Guts

The autumn leaves that fall on the ground might be a pretty sight but they're not good news for your gutters. The leaves and other debris could accumulate in your gutters and lead to blockages and overflowing water. Water that flows along the exterior walls may cause damage to the exterior of your house and also degrade the structural integrity of your home.

The solution? Get rid of your gutters!

After the majority of the leaves have fallen, pull out your ladder from the shed and climb on up to get rid of all debris from your gutters. Be on the lookout for signs of animal poop, like bird and bee nests. Contact an expert in pest control for assistance.

Prune the Trees close to Your Roof

The accumulation of debris in your home is also caused by overhanging branches. If they are blown away in severe storms, they could also cause damage to your roof.

The best solution is to trim your trees to prevent them from falling into your gutters in first place. Animals are known to find their home in trees. The branches that are long and are affixed to your house give them access to the roof space of your house, which means they can construct a new home.

Roof Inspection

Autumn is a great moment to call a roofing expert to evaluate the condition of your roof. An experienced Pittsburgh roofer will be able to tell the difference between normal roof wear and what requires to be replaced in order to prepare your roof to winter.

A check of your roof will look at your entire roof , and determine whether it is:

Flashings have been bent, rusted, or damaged

Shingles or tiles are missing or damaged

Valleys are in good condition or need to be cleaned

Sealant is adequate, but it shouldn't be cracked.

Roof may also show other signs of damage

While you could get up on the roof to look at the roof yourself, it's not advised. Professional roofers will be outfitted with the necessary safety equipment to examine your roof.

Professional Roof Repairs and Replacements

Nobody likes the idea of rainwater pouring into their home , only to have to seek emergency winter roof repairs. If in your roof inspection some problems are revealed, now is the time to address them before winter weather comes in so that it doesn't happen to you.

If they're looking to change the tiles and flashing or there are more important roofing repairs that must be completed, it's imperative that to do it now to get your roof ready for winter. A Pittsburgh roofing expertwill also be able give you some winter roofing maintenance suggestions specific to your house.

Check Your Roof Space Insulation

In the absence of insulation, your ceiling could lose between 25 and 25 percent of the heat in your home. Leakage in roofs can increase the loss. Minimizing this loss helps you to save energy heating your home in the cold winter season.

By examining the insulation of your roof before it gets cold, you can reduce the loss of heat.

If you're in an older house then it's likely that it's the time to upgrade your insulation to ensure that you aren't wasting energy to heat your home, just for a portion of it to escape.

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