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Fresno's Most Appreciated Mother

Dec 24

Fresno's Most Appreciated Mother

Denise A Huffman

Fresno's Most Appreciated Mother

Being a Mother to me can't be easy to be? I'm quite the opposite of mellow

I think & observe, then I sidestep & I swerve, no status quo for this fellow


From where you are in your seat, my ways may seem neat, but I'm sure they're quite hard to grasp
As I run through my life and push goals through much strife, I'm sure it's a pain in your ass


But you never yank on my halter, never slow down or falter, to help keep me firm on my feet

It can't go without saying, that this life game I'm playing, can thank you so much, for always avoiding defeat



God gifted me to you, but gifted you to me too, a blessing, I truly concede

That is back of my heart, doing exactly the part, that gives me so much that I need


When I look at my lot, I know just what I've got, and it's clear there could be no other

Who could do what you've done, and be the absolute 1, Fresno's Most Appreciated Mother

Couldn't do this without you Mama

Thank you for all you've done & do

 And I love you so much!

Merry Christmas

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